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    Portal Issues

    neil_p1000 Apprentice

      Hi all


      We are looking into developing and going live with the self service portal and came accross problems 1st up


      1) How can the call logged by an end user be autimatically assigned to a Service Desk Group. At present when an end user logs a call it is assigned to them in the system and the only way you can then assign is by searching by the call ref number.


      The procedd we have in place for Incidents is that a descision box enquires whether it is portal and if yes the assignment is to the Service Desk if not it is assigned to current user (so Im presuming the problem is recognising that the call is from the portal, but I do not know how to rectify this)


      2) Is there a way in the portal that you can show the end user details on the form they are completing. We want this so the end user can ensure that there details are correct


      I tried to redesign the Portal by adding the Affected User , Phone , Company , Location etc but all this did is show blank fields, So I presume this question is how to make the portal window show the details of the logged in user.


      Hope this make sense

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          With regards to number 2 - have a look at this article: Automatically populate the Raise User attribute with the name of the user creating the record in Web Access


          It explains how to get the auto population of the end user back in Web Access

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            Hi Neil,


            A few answers for you, that I hope may help.


            1) The way I would approach this and the way we approach this, is to have a decision point which checks whether the user logging the call is of type "End User" this works very well in our environment.


            So it works like this


            Incident Raised


            is User Type Analyst?


                 if NO


                        Create Assignment to Group Service Desk.........


                 if YES


                         is User SA?


                                    if NO


                                                Create assignment to Create User and Create User Group


                                    if YES


                                                 Create assignment to Group Service Desk



            2) We currently do this in our Self Service Portal. All you have to do is:


            - To create a query to show user details that you wish to show, using the criteria of User\Tile "is me"


            - Add that query to the incident window that you are using in Self Service


            See the below screenshot for an example

            Incident WindowPR.JPG