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    Firefox ESR Support?




      LANDesk Patch Management system will support FireFox ESR?

      On next update, the main release from FireFox will be version 11, but the ESR Update is 10.1.

      Does LANDesk will offer a separete 10.1 ESR Update?


      thanks for information


      greetings M.Ebert

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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup

          This is going to be interesting, seeing how, if at all LANDesk deals with this.


          We are looking at going to v10.x as soon as in-house testing with certain applications are completed.


          Right now we officially support 3.6.x in our environment, but those that somehow (self / auto update, etc) got to v4 or higher get patched to the latest Rapid Release (RR) version.


          Each month, I have to Clone the provided Firefox_upgrade.x patch and go into Affected Products and remove 3.6.x and earlier from it, that way our 3.6.x users do not get upgraded to the latest and greatest RR version.  We then use the separate Firefox 3.6.x patch to patch those users to the current 3.6.x version.



          If LANDesk does not offer a stratedgy witht the new version we will most likley continue cloning the "upgrade' patches and remove the Affected Product for 10.x.


          We will be discussing how we will handle users that get 11.x or higher... we may revert them back to 10.x, not sure. If so, that is pretty easy to do with Firefox

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            zman Master

            IMO opinion in a corp env unless you have to use FF I would consider Chrome Enterprise. It officially supports AD GPO (policies/templates)control, MSI deployment, Chrome Frame, NTLM Authentication, etc... Unlike FF who has not embraced the enterprise.

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              Since LANDesk is targeting enterprises, it seems like a no-brainer to include support for Mozilla's ESR products (Firefox, Thunderbird).  I recall once upon a time there was a way to put in requests and vote them up.  Anyone remember where that is?

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                mrspike SSMMVPGroup

                You have to be logged in, and sometimes the link is not clickable




                I will also be writing my contact at LANDesk about this.

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                  mrspike SSMMVPGroup

                  I submitted a defect to our TAM last week to get the "ESR" version patch added to content and today I noticed that have it now.  If you have not yet done so, download content and you will see:



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                    Thank you, James!  I have it now.