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    DISM error during provisioning with DISM returned code: 2




      I am provisioning Windows 7 using LDMS 9 SP3.


      The Template Completes the following correctly:


      correctly images and partitions the hard drive

      deploys the image which is a Windows 7 SP1 base.

      the fixwindows runs correctly

      the unattend is copied to the PC

      the HII correctly goes to my UNC share that is defined and downloads the new db3 file and opens the database

      the correct drivers are then correctly copied to the PC at the  c:\windows\lddriverstore\ location


      then during the provisioning it fails at the HII


      The ldprovision.log shows this error:


      2012-02-03 03:24:14(1584-1652) ldProvision:Create process (x:\cba8\httpclient.exe) with args (  -f "X:\ldprovision\HIIHandler.exe" http://landeskserver/LdLogon/Provisioning/windows/HIIHandler.exe)
      2012-02-03 03:24:15(1584-1652) ldProvision:Process exit code:0
      2012-02-03 03:24:15(1584-1652) ldProvision:The file (X:\ldprovision\HIIHandler.exe) was successfully downloaded
      2012-02-03 03:24:15(1584-1652) ldProvision:download handler ok.
      2012-02-03 03:24:15(1584-1652) ldProvision:m_DebugFlag=,
      2012-02-03 03:24:15(1584-1652) ldProvision:Create process (x:\cba8\httpclient.exe) with args (  -f "HIIClient.exe" http://landeskserver/landesk/files/HIIClient.exe)
      2012-02-03 03:24:15(1584-1652) ldProvision:Process exit code:0
      2012-02-03 03:24:15(1584-1652) ldProvision:Launching action handler [HIIHandler.exe] with parameters ["]
      2012-02-03 03:24:15(1584-1652) ldProvision:handler launched.
      2012-02-03 03:27:10(1584-1652) ldProvision:reporting action status to core
      2012-02-03 03:27:10(1584-1652) ldProvision:Call web service GetStatusString()
      2012-02-03 03:27:10(1584-1652) ldProvision:Create process (x:\cba8\httpclient.exe) with args ( -H"X:\ldprovision\header.txt" -o"X:\ldprovision\body.txt" -f"X:\ldprovision\result.xml" http://landeskserver/LANDesk/ManagementSuite/Core/ProvisioningWebService/WebService.asmx)
      2012-02-03 03:27:10(1584-1652) ldProvision:start TryallWebService No=0.
      2012-02-03 03:27:10(1584-1652) ldProvision:end TryallWebService No=0.exitCode=0
      2012-02-03 03:27:10(1584-1652) ldProvision:Service launch process exit code:0
      2012-02-03 03:27:11(1584-1652) ldProvision:Call web service SetActionStatus()
      2012-02-03 03:27:11(1584-1652) ldProvision:Create process (x:\cba8\httpclient.exe) with args ( -H"X:\ldprovision\header.txt" -o"X:\ldprovision\body.txt" -f"X:\ldprovision\result.xml" http://Llandeskserver/LANDesk/ManagementSuite/Core/ProvisioningWebService/WebService.asmx)
      2012-02-03 03:27:11(1584-1652) ldProvision:start TryallWebService No=0.
      2012-02-03 03:27:11(1584-1652) ldProvision:end TryallWebService No=0.exitCode=0
      2012-02-03 03:27:11(1584-1652) ldProvision:Service launch process exit code:0
      2012-02-03 03:27:11(1584-1652) ldProvision:ended an action
      2012-02-03 03:27:11(1584-1652) ldProvision:action failed
      2012-02-03 03:27:11(1584-1652) ldProvision:end process actions
      2012-02-03 03:27:11(1584-1652) ldProvision:ldProvision ended


      The HIIClient.log shows this error:


      Download return count: 501
      OS Version: 6.1
      DISM path and command line: x:\windows\system32\dism.exe /image:c:\ /add-driver /driver:"c:\Windows\LDDriverStore" /recurse /forceunsigned
      DISM returned code: 2
      ProcessDrivers failed.

      This error stops the Template, so I cannot continue to add to domain, install landesk agent and then install software and reboot.


      If I reboot the PC, the image has been installed and the hidden partition for Windows 7 is there and the Windows 7 C drive works properly.


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you in advance,



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          Regarding the image.  This image was redone to support LDMS9 SP3 using the sysprep of /generalize /oobe /shutdown.


          Thank you in advance,



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            The DISM failure with return code two states that one or more drivers did not install correctly.  This is usually caused by a file in the driver not being downloaded to the client successfully.  If you can watch the output of HIIClient as it runs you should be able to see which driver is causing the problem.  Also, on the OS drive (not the WinPE Ramdisk) you should be able to browse to \Windows\inf and find a file called setupapi.offline.log.  This file should contain a log of what DISM has done.  It is usually a very large log, so the best thing to do is to start at the bottom and do an upward search for ERROR (I believe) or maybe FAILED.  Once you get to a section that points that out it will usually tell you what actually went wrong.


            As I mentioned, this is usually that a file is missing, but not always.


            If you want the provisioning template to continue you can always set that action to not cause the entire template to fail.  Let me know if you want to look into that, but aren't sure how.  (Hint: Right click the action within the Provisioning window and choose properties)


            Let me know what you find out from that log file.



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              Thank you very much for the information!  I reviewed and confirmed that a Windows XP driver I had in the driver share was installing and failing the HII.


              I read the dism.log and also saw the entry that the Windows XP driver failed.


              As we are deploying Windows 7 only with Landesk, I removed that and the other Windos XP drivers.


              HII now correctly works!


              Thank you again.



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                Hi Charles,


                I'm glad to hear that helped you out!  Just so you know we are working diligently to get rid of false positives in detection in the first place, so you don't need to worry about removing them.  Obviously in this case the removal didn't cause you any problems, so I'm glad the solution was pretty straightforward.



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                  We have SP3 since yesterday, and new HII not working properly.

                  I have looked the logs (thanks to http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-24423), and I see that drivers are correctly download throught unc path to c:\system\lddriverstore.

                  But the problem is DISM, which exit with error code -1


                  I have found this document which explain all code error from 0 to 499.


                  So I have no idea of what is code error -1.


                  First, my prov action was configured to failed prov task when error occur.

                  Then i have removed this option to see if drivers would be taken in OS : all drivers are correclty choosen on Windows 7, but my HII action is failed.


                  Any solution ? Any patch post SP3 to apply ?