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    New window open as a "sub-window"?


      Hope this makes sense..


      I'm getting questions about whether or not Service Desk has the ability to open multiple items as "sub-windows" of the main console window? (Kind of similar to how Web-Access works, keeps everything in one window)


      (Example: Analyst opens a Child ticket, wants to see the parent; upon double-clicking to open the parent, it opens a brand new window and adds to the task bar; what they want is the parent to be opened in the same Child Ticket window, but as a "sub-window" and doesnt add another tab on the task bar)


      Is that possible? Or will they just have to deal with multiple window tabs on the task bar?  Some users tend to have multiple tickets opened and get confused as to which "Add Attachment" box belongs to which ticket they opened.


      Ive attached a screen shot of what i think they want (note the "X" on the bottom portion to the main Upper "X")


      Again, i hope this makes sense