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    Provisioning Script not working consistently


      Hi, We have been using the OS PXE deployment and it is working well. Individual software packages are working well also. We seem to be having issues getting any kind of reliability and consistency out of the Provisioning Script. Due to how diverse our environment is we have employed the layering metholodgy for installing our software. We are trying to use the provisioning script to accomplish this. We create a specific script for a targeted group of computers and add the appropriate software packages. We have several scripts to help with each area of targeted computers. We see this as a benefit also as if a new piece of software that needs to be added or remove or even updated we can spefically pick out that piece and change it without having to redo any kind of imaging or packaging.


      First, we image the computer using PXE and HAL, then we apply the appropriate provisioning script.


      The provisioning script will report that it completed successfully yet some of the software is not installed and each time we run the script it will render different results meaning it will not be the same software that is not installed each time. We find that if we try to apply the script to one machine we have better success rates, yet still not perfect and as we add more systems the errors increase.


      Why can't we get consistent results from the provisioning script? Why is the script reporting success when it has not? It would be better to state that is was run successfully but not all software was installed. We need to image many machines and can't do it one at a time, why does Landesk get worse as you add more systems.