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    Querying Survey Results


      Has anybody setup any good reporting/querying of the Survey Results ?


      I set it up manually, copying 'Customer Satisfaction' from the OOTB, but it doesn't look like any querying or reporting was included ?


      From what I can tell, there really is not a good way to query the results.


      Any ideas out there ?

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          karenpeacock SupportEmployee



          In terms of being able to see the text for the answers that were given on the surveys rather than the numeric value associated to that answer you would need to use a Crystal report.  You could perhaps use one of the OOTB incident reports as a starting point and then add the usr_incidentsurvey table to the report.  You would link this table via usr_incidentsurvey.usr_incident to im_incident.im_guid or pm_process.pm_guid.


          In order to interpret the numeric results (example 0= N/A;1=Very Satisfied;2=Satisfied;3=Dissatisfied;4=Very Dissatisfied) you would need to add a formula for each of the questions.  This formula would go something like:


          if {usr_incidentsurvey.usr_question2} = 0 then "N/A" else if {usr_incidentsurvey.usr_question2} = 1 then "Very Satisfied" else if {usr_incidentsurvey.usr_question2} = 2 then "Satisfied" else if {usr_incidentsurvey.usr_question2} = 3 then "Dissatisfied" else if {usr_incidentsurvey.usr_question2} = 4 then "Very Dissatisfied" else "Not Recorded".


          Then drag your formula onto the report rather than the usr_incidentsurvey.usr_question2 column.


          If you wanted totals or percentage totals for each of the answers you could do this by adding formulas for this too.  So for example, if you wanted to get a percentage on how many surveys rated question 2 as Very Satisfied or Satisfied your formula would be something like:


          if {usr_incidentsurvey.usr_question2} = 1 then 1 else if  {usr_incidentsurvey.usr_question2} = 2 then 1 else 0


          Then you would be able to drag this formula into the report and add a sum summary on it.  You would then be able to have this as a percentage of the distinct count of all records to show a percentage total of how many people rated as Very Satisfied or Satisfied.


          Best wishes


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            Thank you Karen, that helps....