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    Win XP to Win7 query


      We'd like to update some XP machines to 7 and i'm running a query based on Microsoft's minimum hardware requirements. The problem is that i run into false positives.

      If i say

      ( Xp Pro




      XP Pro 64 )



      so far so good. Total XP machines is 2500 (which is accurate)

      But when i add:



      Memory > 1024MB




      CPU > 1000MHZ


      then i get a result which is less then my total number of XP machines. (2480) but i know this number is inaccurate for a fact because we have more then 20 machines that have less then 1000 mhz and less ram then 1024. The result i was expecting was more around 2000 machines which meet those requirements not 2480.


      The problem in this case is the Operator OR. Keep in mind that if you use AND  then you're saying that you need a machine where both cases are true.


      How do you solve this annoying problem? I tried all bracket combinations but with no success.


      Any ideas are appreciated.