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    Keeping child & parent separate in queries




      we have a parent/child set up that uses two different processes (one for each to prevent multi-generation calls). We currently separate these in queries by using Lifecycle.title but I need to set it up a little bit more clever. This works fine for child calls that are generated from the parent by CreateChild. However, we also use optional actions to attach parent/children of existing calls, which means they still use the parent process even though they become a child. We can also detach child incidents but the child incident (that becomes a standard incident) still uses the child process. Because of this, these calls will always remain in their original query result set which is not working well for us. I've been thinking down the reinitialise route but I don't think works particularly well when it comes to parent and child as 9/10 I need the child to reinitialise to the parent process but because the action is initiated from the parent process I'm not sure how to trigger the reinitialse in the child process. I've been thinking all kinds of different potential ways, form including a boolean to decisions in the child process and so forth but none seem to be possible. I then get to thinking maybe I'm over complicating things and that simply changing my query criteria is all I really need to do, maybe using Parents.Parent.Id is not Null. but there doesn't seem to be any attributes I can do this on within the query. Has anyone else come across this (or similar) before and did you get round it?


      Many thanks in advance