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    Application install On Gateway Client Fails

    MrGadget Expert

      LD9 SP2

      The Client is on the Landesk Gateway outside our WAN in Gateway Mode.


      If I do a Application distribution using a delivery method of "policy"  with a required install, download to client, it goes to pending and stays there (hours if left running) until I bring up the Landesk Desktop Manager(on the client) whereby it checks policy then goes to successful(in console) but it hasn't ran the install.

      There are no packages in sdmcache on the client.

      I can run the application install manually on the client and I can run it as a system account manually just fine.


      If I run the same job as a "policy" but use user determines when to install delivery, when I bring up Landesk Desktop Manager it checks fo a policy shows theres a job, I click on deploy and it runs successfully.


      Any ideas?

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          MrGadget Expert

          Figured out my problem.

          I first had run a job using a policy with a delivery of User determines when to install, which worked.


          Second  I ran the same software distribution as a policy but changed to required installation and download to client and it failed.


          It failed because I finally noticed in the log that another task or policy had already installed it, (Can't remember exactly what it said). So there must be a file somewhere that keeps track of what distribution packages that have been installed. I tryed a different distributation package using the exact same delivery method and it worked ok.