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    Add article to the Incident ticket

    djs Apprentice

      How can I perform "Add linked Knowledge" action similar with "Add Incident" that already available?

      I 've already configured "Add linked Knowledge" and "Detach Knowledge" in the Incident process, BUT on the ticket I could only see "Detach Knowledge".


      I noticed that by using "invoke search on" on the Incident window, it can be able to attach the knowledge BUT I should always do search on the ticket subject then the knowledge comes in.


      What I want to achieve is I just want to select the knowledge as similar as I select Incident query on "Add Incident" action instead of search on the ticket subject.


      How it can be done?



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          I think Add linked knowledge is a special hardcoded action.  It needs to be there for KB searches to be able to add results, but I don't think you can use it directly.  Hopefully someone else will confirm/deny this.  In a similar way when you add child incident or parent or detach same, the product is hardcoded to run a specific query.  You can change the query and it's contents, but not the general way the product operates.


          However if you want to add existing knowledge articles yourself manually to an incident, then create an extra action called something like Add Knowledge Article.  On the business object you create as part of this, drag the knowledge article object on and create your windows, grant your privielges etc.  That will then give you an extra action you can use in your process.  When someone uses it, you can then select the article you want from the window of your new action as they will appear as a drop down list or all articles.


          If you create query to sit behind this list of articles on the window, you can then display the attributes of the article you want and filter out the ones you don't want to show.  Maybe just display approved articles.  Set the property of this query on the attribute to be a complex query and you could also let it do searches on the attributes too.  (You may have a raise user query on y our incident window that does these types of searches)

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            djs Apprentice

            Thanks Dave,


            Referring to your explaination, once we added I guess it cannot be detached right?

            or can we have detach function?



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              No removing items from a collection is a feature that isn't currently present in LDSD.  You can achieve something like it as follows.  Put a checkbox on the new action window called 'Active' or something like that and default to true.  Then put a filter on the window to display these manual knowledge articles which only displays items where that check box is true.  Then if you want to 'remove' an article, double click, clear the check box, save and it will no longer be displayed.

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                djs Apprentice

                Thanks Dave for your idea