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    Windows Updates via LANDesk?


      Dear All,


      I have a quick question regarding the Patch and Compliance part of LANDesk. I will be phasing out our WSUS system in favor of LANDesk.

      One thing I did like about WSUS though was the ability to group servers as I wished. I know I can create groups for different patches (i.e. based on OS level etc) within Patch and Compliance but I’m not sure about grouping servers.


      My question is: can I create a group and add certain machines to it? For example: Test Group, Pilot Group, Critical Servers etc. I would then deploy patches to different groups at different intervals. Also, some servers would require manual restart and some automatic.

      Any help would be appreciated.





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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup



          There are several ways to achieve this in LANDesk.


          Under Devices > My devices you can create groups and add machines to them


          You can also use queries, which is more flexible to target systems.


          In Scan and Repair settings you can create different repair behaviors (reboot, never reboot, prompt only, etc) that you can use against each repair tasks.


          Next, in the patch tool there is a place for Custom Groups that you can add only the patches you want to apply and remediate those.



          Here is an arlticle on pathcing I wrote some time ago:





          Here is another article based on using Custom Groups





          Play around with it some and let us know if you need more guidance