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    Survey - How you use Provisioning ?


      Hi all,


      I just want to know how you use provisioning ?


      Me i deploy all client with :


      • Format & partitions
      • Deploy image XP (XP only without soft)
      • Drivers
      • Sysprep

      Reboot in Target (here XP)

      • Client
      • Configurations & Domain
      • All Softwares one by one
      • Patches



      This method is no more quickly than deploy a XP image with all software but it's more flexible.

      Much more actions to make this provisioning because lot a problems (ex : Client must be reinstall after joining domain, etc.)

      I think to translate all this in a single image, but i'm affraid to rebuild the image on each changes.



      And you ? How you use provisioning ? Post here please !





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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

          It all comes down to how flexible you want to be... All software in the image might be faster, but is more work when you have to update 1 package. Also, how do you handle different software for different departments? There are lots of possibilities, but which one is best for you... Hard to say without more information :)  Frank Axle-IT

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            Yes lot of possibility.


            So that's why I ask


            I would like to know how the people use provisioning in the majority.

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              So we start with a clean base image with only applications in it that we know do not get updated and create a single template for it. I then create seperate templates for each application that is constantly updated such as Adobe Reader, Flash, Real Player, Java, etc. I then create a computer configuration template and plugin each one of these application templates and the base image template as Includes. This way if I have to update one of the application templates or the base image the entire computer configuration template is updated.


              I create many different types of Computer Configuration templates for various Software Suites that get ordered by the customer. For example we have Various AutoCAD Computer Configuration Templates, we also have various other CAD type Computer Configuration templates. They all are just templates comprised of includes as the Base Image and each application is its own template that can be updated on off-hours when necessary. We also use Provisioning to deliver large suites of software as we find the Software Distribution product to be shaky if deploying more then one package.