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    16422 Failed to download all additional files....

    graemegaitskell Rookie

      We are running with Landesk 9 sp2 (waiting to upgrade to SP3) and are trying to use an alternative server for package distribution without success.


      We have a core server set up and working fine as an application distribution server, another office has an alternative file server set up as a distribution share (working also) , but when we try to set up an additional server, for another location, we are encountering issues when we try to deploy packages from the new server.


      We can connect to the new server/share form a local system account and run the installations manually from the target pc's .When we schedule tasks for the same installation using LANDesk we receive an instant failure with the 16422 error code.


      The core server does not have a log for the task and the client shows nothing either, we are totally lost as to how we can trouble shoot this any further.


      If anyone can suggest any other way forward I would be grateful