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    Another Instance on the same server


      Hey all,


      I'm thinking of putting a system on the same server as our live when we move to 7.5, although I want to try and strip out a significant amount of data with the view to turning into a much cleaner LIVE server, running side by side for a while, and then setting our current LIVE system as an archive which will only be used for reporting on historical data. I'm thinking I have two potential ways of achieving this:


      1 - Create a new database, install an OOTB copy of the database, run installer/mdm to create the new "instance", and design transfer in the stuff I want, objects/windows/queries/processes etc.




      2 - Create a new database, backup/restore my current LIVE database, run installer/mdm to create the new "instance", and get LANDesk to write a script to strip out all the rubbish I wan't to remove (so I can review what goes back) such as Categories, Lists, Response Levels, Escalation Points, Service Level Matrix, Users, Locations & Calls


      Has anyone tried or planning to try something similar and what way would/did you do it?


      I don't want to rebuild the whole system manually as it would just take far too long and if I do try doing this it does need to be done as quickly/cheaply as possible and I'm sort of swaying towards option 1, but the accuracy/reliability of Design Transfer puts me off a little and the fact it'll be me doing it all and if it doesn't work properly it could cause me a lot of headache (although I believe it would leave me with the cleanest result), or should I go for option 2 and let LANDesk have the headache ?


      Any other ideas on how to achieve this welcome

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          Had another thought.....


          If I go down the option 1 route, some of my queries will include references to data such as groups, categories which I don't intend importing so I will have to import the new groups/categories before DTing the queries so I can select the new values.  Hmmmm, maybe option 2 is starting to sound more favourable.