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    Setting automatic article status


      I was wondering if there was a way to set the status of an automatic article status after it gets created from the resolution screen?


      What I am trying to do is once an automatic article has been generated, we would like to send an email to the technician notifying that it has been received.  Also sending an email to article approvers, notifying them that there is an article waiting.  Currently, an article is waiting with status of created, however if we could change the automatic article to submitted status, this way it is the article process instead of between the incident process and the knowledge process.


      Thank you


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          Hi Brad,


          If you create a condition in your process to check if the status is "Created" then add this to your article process after the Created status (followed by your notification/asisgnment actions) it should then progress automatically from Created to Submitted. It will also behave like this when you manually create a new article.