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    unable to download ldlogon\provisioning\windows\ldcdutil.exe


      When I click on the  "Create Provisioning Boot Media" on the core server, I get this error message: ldlogon\provisioning\windows\ldcdutil.exe

      when I browse to that folder the file is actually there.

      Can someone tell me there the configuration for that path is located?   We have a feeling that it is pointing to our old core server. 

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          Tanner Lindsay SupportEmployee

          In your console, open the Agent Configuration and check the agent you have set as default, as well as the "Default Windows Configuration" in the "All configurations".

          On the second page (Standard LANDesk Agent), check the core server name in the text box there. Does it point to the right server? That might be where it comes from.


          Also, I have seen this when there are odd things with IIS where it won't let you download certain file types etc.