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    Filters not functioning as expected




      I'm trying to implement 2 filters in 7.3.2 against the Process Assignment object for selecting different results dependent on the process.




      Call Management: Specific support groups

      Incident Management: Specific support groups


      Filters in the system:


      ProcessAssignmentGroup     - Object filter based on the Process Assignment object.

      IncidentAssignmentGroup      - Window based filter based on the Incident Assignment object.

      CallAssignmentGroup           - Window based filter based on the Call Assignment object.


      Neither can see each others lists due to data sensitivity. I have implemented attributes against the Group object to allow me to filter and I have managed to (in part) get the filters working, but not successfully together.


      In our 7.4 implementation I have 2 object filters against Process Assignment/Group which have conditions looking at the Process/Class Type/Title attribute. This works fine, but the same filter does not seem work in 7.3.2. In 7.3.2 the conditions do not get evaluated correctly so are not applied.


      For this reason I went down the window filters applying them to each of the controls on the windows. For the call management module this seems to have worked, but when I set it against the incident management module I get the error stating that it expected Class Type "Process Assignment", and not "Assignment".


      Error when saving.png


      The filters are correct and have been set up using the correct objects and filter by object as is required for window based filters. Tesitng the filters individually gives me the expected results, but when my analysts went to assign a ticket this morning through WebDesk, the filter stopped the window from loading.


      Prior to the implementation of the call management module I had a single object filter in place which was working fine (ProcessAssignmentGroup). This has been removed from the filter list for the Group attribute, but still exists in the database. With using window based filters I cannot set the filter on the window control without getting the Class Type error.


      Is this a known bug in 7.3.2 and does anyone have any work arounds or suggestions as to how I might get round this issue?