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    Subnet Aware OSX agent Deployment Script



      We have created a subnet aware deployment script to distribute our OSX agent for our environment. This script functions well if your environment has multiple cores and you automate your deployment with Active Directory.


      In a nutshell it looks at a CSV file that contains a number related to the clients Second Octet of the IP Address, compares it to a CSV file and modifies the download for the agent with information located in the CSV. Attached is an example of a CSV as well as a script. It is currently setup to mount a smb share to the csv file to read the information it needs. Everything is logged on the clients end in /var/log/landesk.log and is rotated each launch to /var/log/landesk.bak so you have the last two launch attempts. This script also does detection if the client is already running and does not attempt to reinstall if detected.



      Hope this helps your case to distribute the LANDesk agent to your OSX Clients.


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