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    Slow logins after installing LD Agent



      We rolled out LANDesk 8.7 SP3 agents to our estate at the end of last year, since then we've had loads of complaints about increased login times, closer inspection shows that gatherproducts.exe is taking a long time to run, I've also ran manual scans on machines from the start menu and seen them take up to 15 minutes to complete.  These aren't a bad spec of machine though and other tasks seem to run fine.



      My workaround so far is to build an agent that only runs once a week which I'm testing now and will deploy to the worse affected end users.



      Any advice on how to tackle this? Any fixes? Will upgrading to SP4 or 5 or even 8.8 help? My base is about 3500 devices we share our core servers our sister companies and all upgrades to core etc are carried out by our parent group so an update to an SP may not be feasible at present.