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    Link/Unlink CI process actions

    Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup



      Has anyone any feedback on the error handling/recovery of the LinkCI and UnlinkCI process actions.


      For example what happens if you try to unlink a CI that is not already linked to that user in the user-CI linking table.  What happens if you try to link a CI to a user when it is already linked to the user?


      Is the process going be able to handle these situations and gracefully continue or are we going to get "stuck" processes that cannot be progressed.





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          Good point.  Someone might reasonably manually link a service to a user while a process to do that automatically is already mid way through.  If this scenario has already been tested as part of the 7.4/7.5 release, then a few wise words from LANDesk would be great!  If it hasn't, I'd be very interested in the results.  Worst case?  You get an elegant error message and the user is trained to go back to the administration tools and fix it up, so not too painful, but also not elegant.  Best case?  The situation is ignored and the process carries on.