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    Using email addresses in reminders




      I am trying to send out a Reminder to an email address which is held outside of the usual User object. The attribute is a custom one on the root object. In this case Call.


      From my initial digging around I cannot see how I could use this email address directly from the Reminder object. And I cannot see a way of using the Reminder Recipient object to go down that route of adding a new recipient which does allow free text email addresses to be used.


      Has anyone found a work around to this?


      I am avoiding having the analysts create new "users" or entries in another object and linking it.




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          Hi Daniel,


          unfortunately we are limited to Notify Assignee/Customer/Originator/Supplier when it comes to sending emails from reminders or assignments.  I have an ER which proposes a tool in which we can specify an email address or group of email addresses as I too have similar requirements. http://community.landesk.com/support/ideas/1310


          This way we could fire an email off at any stage of a process (within reason) including after a reminder although the reminder would have to be an action on the process and this wouldn't work with optional actions.


          Hope this helps

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