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    Capturing a deployment image from VM Workstation




      We are trying to capture a Windows7 x64 image from a VM hosted by VMWare Workstation 8.0 for deployment deploy using LANDesk 9.0 SP3.   We can create the image on the VM without issue, and can successfully boot the with PXE into WinPE and capture the image.  However, when trying to deploy the image to a new laptop we're getting an infinite reboot loop.  The image seems to push down without issue, but the diskpart process never initiates causing Windows to never boot successfully.


      We believe it's potentially an issue with the way the drives are configured on the VM side.  By default, the drives are created as SCSIs and broken up into smaller files.   We've tried a VM with the files configured as IDE but received the same results.   Has anyone else attempted to use a VM as the master image and then deploy that to physical devices?


      Thanks, and let us know if I can provide more information.