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    List licenses that were input into SLM



      Is there some way I can pull the License information that I enter into SLM so that I can show for example, the License numbers and quantities for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007?  I know it is in the DB somewhere, but I can seem to find it to build a custom report.   Anyone know?












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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup


          Try creating a view with this SQL script:






          SELECT     dbo.Product.Title AS Name, SUM(dbo.ProductLicense.Quantity) AS Quantity

          FROM         dbo.Product INNER JOIN

                                dbo.CustomGroupProduct ON dbo.Product.Product_Idn = dbo.CustomGroupProduct.Member_Idn INNER JOIN

                                dbo.ProductLicense ON dbo.CustomGroupProduct.CustomGroupProduct_Idn = dbo.ProductLicense.CustomGroupProduct_Idn

          GROUP BY dbo.Product.Title






          This should give one line per product and total the number of licenses that have been entered.



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