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    CSVImport resets IP address to


      I want to add additional information to an existing Landesk computer object. After doing an CSVImport into Landesk the IP-address of any existing machine is reset to After a mini scan the IP-address is set correctly again.


      The template we use has the following format:

      Network - NIC Address = %1%
      Device Name = %2%
      CMDB - Soort = %3%
      CMDB - Vestiging = %4%
      CMDB - CI = %5%
      CMDB - Lokatie = %6%
      CMDB - Status = %7%


      The CSV-file has the following format:



      When we look at the created IMS-file, it looks like this:

      Network - TCPIP - Address =
      Network - NIC Address = 3CD92B67AC46
      Device Name = WPC-21970
      Custom Data - CMDB - Soort = DESKTOP
      Custom Data - CMDB - Vestiging = TRIANGEL
      Custom Data - CMDB - CI = 21970
      Custom Data - CMDB - Lokatie = C3.24

      It seems like the line of the IP-address is beeing added automatically to the IMS-file.


      Has anyone seen this problem before? How can we avoid the IP-address being reset?

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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi Tjitze,


          This is unfortunately by design, i think, as the CSVImport basically creates a mini-scan file and is more meant for importing bare metal machines pre-OSD. As you can control where the .ims files are created, you can run an external program (vbs/batch) to delete/replace the IP - ADRESS lines before moving them to LDSCAN.


          I have attached a VBScript and a CMD. The CMD calls the VBScript, so all editing is done in the CMD file. There you put the path (set dir) where the files are located, the extension of the files you want to search and replace in (*.cmd in the example), the path to the included VBS and the string to search for and what it should be replaced with.


          Hope this helps!