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    Issues with Provisioning templates after migrating core to new server


      We had our core server on a VM for a while (around a year) but decided after some issues we were having with e SDSTATUS folder that we would migrate our server over to a physical box and go from there. We've had a few Win7 32 bit provisioning templates that we've been using for the last 8 months or so, as well as one Win7 64bit template that we had just created and got working right before the migration of the core.  The problem is that since moving the core the 64 bit template will not run properly.


      There are a few tasks in the template that copy a file from the core, over to the new system. If the file was added to the server anytime past the date we migrated the server, the template kicks back an error that it cannot find the file.  I've tested this with different files, and different names for the files; as well as different folders.  We've also noticed that for no apparent reason at all the template will fail while applying the image for 5 or 6 tries in a row, then start back up again and work fine.


      Just today the same template, with the same test computer suddenly can't find the folder on the core that the drivers are in to copy it to the new system.  This folder has not been moved in months.


      Now I assumed it may be an authentication issue, but I'm not getting back errors that authentication failed, or access denied type errors; it is specifically "file cannot be found" type errors


      Has anyone come accross anything even remotely like this anywhere?  Any ideas would be great.


      ** as a sidenote: the 32 bit template still works