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    Problem with Drivers in WINPE Image


      I am having an issue adding the network drivers for a Dell latitude E6420 to the WINPE Image. The driver I need to add is the Intel 82579LM. I have found a few discussions relating to this driver but nothing to resolve my problem.


      We are using LD 9.0 SP2 and the drivers I am trying to add are the 32 bit Vista drivers for the NIC


      In the LDMS console I am able to add the driver by browsing to the correct inf file (in this case e!c6032.inf), the action seems to run correctly and the update is processed. The PXE representative is then successfully redeployed and I should be ready to go......


      When the system to be provisioned boots the drivers are not found and it sits waiting for an IP address. If I open a new console and browse to the x:\installeddrivers folder I only see the folders for two other network devices that were added some time ago when we were updated from 8.8 to 9.0.


      If i Mount the boot.wim image using GImageX I can see the folder I have named and it has the correct files inside, (inf, cat, sys, etc).


      What I can get my head around is why this is not being transferred during the build.


      Any Ideas that I should be looking at before I open a support call....?