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    What are the locations of corename references for OS Deployment?


      I needed to change some corename references in the boot.wim file to our core's FQDN. I changed the "x:\Temp\corename.txt" and "x:\windows\system32\all.reg" files. (http://community.landesk.com/support/click.jspa?searchID=2954306&objectType=102&objectID=22528) I have to change these values because our NAC system blocks http access for non-registered PCs and an exception was put in for our server's FQDN but not possible for NetBIOS.


      The ldprovision.exe runs and the login screens appears but the window hangs on "loading template" after entering credentials for almost 10mins before finally displaying a message saying that the user name or password is not correct. This happens for all users, including LD Admins.


      When I run provisioning on a port in our inventory room where NAC is not enabled everything loads fine. We are able to load a template which completes the process. Are there any other locations that I need to change this corename value to the FQDN?