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    Can't remove LD agent from Android or iOS devices


      We are still in the testing phase but have our MDM server up and running as well as our enrollment for both Android and iOS devices.  However, realized during testing that the Reset App function is not removing the agent from the devices nor can it be removed manually from the Android devices.  I was able to remove it from an iPad.


      Is this a feature or is there a way to remove it from a device when it no longer needs to be a managed device?  Our company does not provide devices to end users and therefore we need to be able to remove any control from the devices if they leave the company.


      Anyone else have this problem and any ideas how to fix it?

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          Jason SupportEmployee

          Reset agent does not uninstall the agent it simply removes the enrollment information and the end user will need to re-enroll to be managed again.


          Android can a bit of pain to remove.

          You have to do the following


          Deactivate LD agent

          1. Go to settings
          2. Security
          3. Select device administrators
          4. Uncheck the box next LD Agent
          5. Choose deactivate on the next screen


          Now you can remove the agent

          1. Settings
          2. Manage applications
          3. Click on ld agent
          4. uninstall


          Titles/screens might be slightly different due to variation of Android but you will be able to figure it out from here.

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            Thank you for the response.  I did notice that the Reset Agent did cause the iPad to need to re-enroll when the LD Agent was launched on it.  However, the Android phone never prompted for re-enrollment.  It still shows the 2 green check marks for "The host service is active." and "The push client is registered".


            I have not yet tried your instructions to uninstall as I would like to get the enrollment piece figured out first but they do make sense so I am sure that will work.


            UPDATE: Have opened a case with support as it seems that no commands are reaching Android devices.