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    Add Multiple parameters on Report Designer


      Hi All,


      I am going to create a report to show all the computer names that in a provided IP range.


      On the report, user will find two input boxes that ask for the ip range.


      e.g. input box 1 =, input box 2 =


      The report will show me  the computer names within this ip range.


      My question is how can I add two parameters in the query? If there is only one parameter, I can use 'Address LIKE ?',


      but how about two parameters? 'Address BETWEEN LIKE ? and ?' ?





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          Simon Ma Employee



          Yes, it exactly the way to do it.

          You need to create 2 parameters (input 1 and input 2), then declare both of them in your DataSet.

          The order of declaration of the parameters is important here ! Because the 1st parameter will be the 1st "?" in your query, and the 2nd one will be the 2nd "?".


          Then your query should be something like :

          "select .... from ... where Addresse BETWEEN ? AND  ?"


          The result should be someting like this