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    Automated Scheduled template


      Dear all,


      My goal is to have a fully automated osd deployment.

      What is working now:

      1) We add the computername + MAC with managed planet (BARCODE) to Landesk.

      2) I schedule a template (manually).

      3) I add the computer to the task and do "Start now" on the task.

      Once i boot up the computer from the internal Nic card, everything is automated (hands off)


      What is the issue:

      When i start the template task and the computer is bussy with provisioning, i add a second computer. To get this second computer to provisioning i have to start the task again => Result: first computer makes a second provisioning task and the first task stops




      What i want to have:

      Now i want to automate step 2 & 3. So that every computer has a different scheduled template. We already doing this is if we don't add the computer to landesk. In the WINPE we can choose a template and automatically Landesk makes a new scheduled template. We want to do nothing on the computer that needs te be deployed.


      I want to be able to add the computer to landesk and select wich template he needs. Landesk should make a scheduled template for that computer and does a start now.



      Does anyone knows if this is possible with

                - Processmanagement

                - MBSDK

      Other suggestions?

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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

          Process Manager should be able to do the trick. With the Barcode scanning from Managed Planet you can also update the Status field in Inventory. You could use that as Database trigger in Process Manager to start a workflow that includes creating the task, adding the device and starting the task...




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            Thanks for your answer. We will implement process manager in the future. Now we are using a schedule template to start the deployment.

            We will deploy a computer. If the osd is done we want to change the hdd from that computer. Make a new object in landesk with the same NIC addres. I clean the NIC adrres,ip and serial number from the first computer. If i restart the scheduled template again and the provisioning is started, both computers go to active. When i check the provisioning history of the first computer, the status is success.


            What do I have to do or clean from the inventory so the first computer keeps the status success in the task?