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    Linking Laptops Config Item with End Users


      I have my first import of Users which is mapping the AD Attribute Serial Number with a new Attribute I created in System.User call Linked Serial Number.  I have create and import of All Devices from LANDesk which also includes the Computer.System.Serial Number which is mapped to the Configuration Laptop serial number.


      I have created a third import to link them using the following.

      Key - User Configuration Item.Configuration Item.Title = Landesk Computer.Device Name

      Key - User Configuration Item.Machine Name = Landesk Computer.Device Name

      Key - User Configuration Item.User.Linked Serial Number


      The import comes back successful but there is no linking to the end user.


      With the Linked Serial Number attribute I created it under system.user and drag dropped it on User Configuration Item.


      I got this working in an old database but obviously I am missing something.