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    Error "Cannot Find Agent "


      We are getting the error "Cannot Find Agent" when we tried to deploy patches on to several clients remotely.


      Close to 500 clients had resluted in the same error.


      The status is showing OFF to all the machines,


      Kindly suggest possible solutions as we have limited access to machines.

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          I've cleared out the duplicate posts you made on this subject and left this one here as it is related to patching.


          This status means what it says; LANDesk believes the machine to be offline. When connecting, LANDesk will attempt to use the IP address that it holds for the device in the inventory and also DNS to resolve the device name to the IP address. It will then attempt to connect to the agent that is installed there.


          These are some of the most likely causes for it to give you the status of 'Cannot Find Agent':


          1. The machine is not online at the time you have scheduled your task
            1. If you do not believe this to be the case, confirm whether you can connect to a few of the failed devices directly via ping and C$ shares if possible
          2. The machine address cannot be resolved
            1. If the devices have not been configured to send a miniscan or inventory scan when their IP address changes, then the Core Server may not be able to find them
            2. Are the inventories of these devices updating? Check the last updated date/time in the inventory
          3. The agent is no longer installed on those devices or the device no longer exists
            1. The machines may have been removed from the environment
            2. Someone may have decided to remove the agents
          4. Communication may be blocked by firewalls


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