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    Using ListMachines method MBSDK




      I'm in Landesk 9.0 and I use the WebServices in PowerShell.


      I want to get a list of machine but I have only a return 0 ...


      I used this code :


      $myWS = New-WebServiceProxy -uri "http://mylandeskserver/MBSDKService/MsgSDK.asmx?WSDL" -UseDefaultCredential



      But the return is :


      count Devices
      ----- -------
          0 {}


      I have used several parameters but the result is the same ...


      Name of query : $myWS.ListQueries("TestQuery")

      Sentence of the query : $myWS.ListMachines("SELECT DISTINCT A0.DISPLAYNAME, A0.TYPE, A1.OSTYPE  FROM Computer A0 (nolock) LEFT OUTER JOIN Operating_System A1 (nolock) ON A0.Computer_Idn = A1.Computer_Idn  WHERE (A0.Computer_Idn NOT IN (SELECT Computer_Idn FROM Computer WHERE COMPUTER_IDN=0))   ORDER BY  A0.DISPLAYNAME")

      ID of query : $myWS.ListQueries(1919) or $myWS.ListQueries("1919")

      Query : $myWS.ListMachines("Computer.ID <> 0")


      Others methods run successfully.


      Someone can help me ?