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    Software deploy with integrated uninstall of old Software


      Hello LD-Professionalls,


      I had to Install a new Version of our Anti Virus Software, however the software does not support upgrade to newer Versions, so I had to uninstall the Old Version and Install the new one.


      How I do this:

      - First I run the Executable file named delnvc5.exe

      - After running this exe (Need to run with Admin-rights not System-rights) I have to restart the PC

      - When PC is restarted virus software is uninstall an I´m able to install the new version (MSI Packet)


      Now my Question is:

      - This would be a great chance to do this with Landesk, isn´t it?

      - How can ich deploy software pakets with other user rights like the admin user

      - Is it possible to cascade software pakets? Example: Deploy one Paket wait for Reboot Deploy the other?


      I use Landesk 9.0 Managment Suite with SP3 and need to install the Paket on a Windows XP SP3 Computer.


      with best regards