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    Displaying the correct window after reinitialise


      Anyone know how to get LDSD to display the correct window based on view rules after reinitialising?


      I'm playing with a triage process at the moment that starts with a very basic window and the process uses values from a reference list to determine which process to reinitialise to. All this works perfectly but when it reinitialises it keeps the same triage window until you close the record (window) and open it again which is causing me lots of issues.


      The reason I need this is because I want seperate category lists for each process and these drive the SLA (along with some other stuff) and this needs filling in at logging stage. I could stick it all in one category and filter it by the same value but I would rather have them properly separate so any ideas would be great.


      Just wondered if there was a quick setting I'm missing


      Thanks in advance