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    Wave ESC Client Installation


      Hey all,


      I just thought I would put this in the archives in case anyone finds it useful. If you are planning on deploying the Wave Systems Embassy Suite 2.26 client to a bunch of computers in your environment using software distribution, be aware of a couple things.


      Documentation from Wave states to use the following parameters "-silent -install" for silent installations of the client. It works fine when actually run from the command line. But when you put that into the exe dist package properties under installation options, the wave installer parses the whole string, rather than just "silent" and "install", which is what it needs. So make sure when you set this up that you simply omit the dashes for the install parameters "silent install" rather than "-silent -install".



      This is the first time I have seen this issue with any installer I have used, so it threw me for a loop. Anyway, hope someone can benefit from that later on.