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    issues with inbound mail


      We had inbound mail working for years with an open source email application (squirrel mail) . When a mail was sent to our IT account, the servicedesk would poll the account and create an incident within the servicedesk.

      We have since moved to exchange 2010 and the account is not polled by the servicedesk anymore. I have stopped and started the inbound mail service but it changes nothing.

      Our outbound mail still works, which is strange.

      Has anynoe seen this before or know of any changes I need to make to the mailmanager settings.


      Thanks in advance,



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          Have you by chance forward the email account for servicedesk to other email account, i once have this problem in exchange, but once stopping the mail forwarding, it is running again.

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            Darren.Bradshaw Expert

            In Mail Manager can open the mailbox you are using on the inbound e-mail section, then click on the test icon on the tool ba at the top.


            If this fails can you check in Exchange that the e-mail account you are trying to poll has the IMAP protocal enabled.


            Do you get any error in the windows event log?


            Hope this helps.

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              Thanks for the replys guys,




              The forwarding was not on so that was not an option but thanks again.






              I tried the test and i got the error "  failed to connect to server named  (our servername) :with username (our username)"


              I had a look and the account has imap protocol enabled in exchange


              The error I get in the event viewer is the same as the above error.



              I think I have the exchange server wrong so will find out the primary server name and check that



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                I found the correct exchange name but I am still getting the same error.


                Has anyone got this working.


                I am using exchange 2010  and servicedesk 7.3


                Any help would be great.




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                  i think the setup was quite straight forward, can you setup the account you used in service desk to outlook using the same server name and credential, if that work the service desk mail should also work.