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    Problems using startasuser.exe to execute a VBS file


      Hi all,


      Basically I need to delete all the network printers in the user profile and create new ones. This must be done in the user profile so I decided to use startasuser.exe.


      What I did is to create a distribution package of a BAT file (printers.bat) with the following line

      "%programfiles%\landesk\ldclient\startasuser.exe" wscript.exe printers.vbs


      then in the 'Addiotional files' I added the printers.vbs.


      The files are copied to the workstation correctly but nothing seems to happen,


      In a first place the workstation appears in the Succesfull folder and the status shown is: Rebooting...  return code 1217 (see attachment)


      After a while it goes status Failed with a result of Package deployment failed, return code 322.


      I dont really know what to do...

      I tried the bat locally , executing manually and it works perfectly.


      We are running LD Suite with SP2


      any suggestion?


      thanks in advance.