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    Selecting WinPE menu brings up provisioning template and no menu


      I'm setting up OS deployment for Wimdows 7 x64. We have LANDesk 9 SP2 installed on Windows 2008 R2. I have created a Windows 7 x64 image and captured it using this LANDesk server. I created an OSD script and added it to the PXE boot menu. I made sure to select update to the PXE boot menu after each change and then redeployed the PXE rep. We have a PXE rep deployed on a Windows XP machine. I'm able to PXE boot a new machine and get the F8 prompt. If I select WinPE Menu from the options, the machine sucessfully boots the Windows PE image and loads the MSD and network drivers. But instead of getting a menu, the machine starts to try to load a provisioning template and prompts for authentication. I do get a "VBoot partition not found on disk 0" message, but I'm not sure if that is a problem and could be the cause. I am able to schedule an image deployment from the console after PXE booting the machine but it would be nice to get the menu working.


      Any ideas as to the cause of the WinPE menu not appearing? Thanks in advance...