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    Server OS Upgrade


      I'm looking to upgrade the Management Suite Core Server OS from Windows Server 2003 to Server 2008 R2.

      I am currently on LDMS 9 sp2.


      Has anyone else done this?


      My main sticking point is how to reinstall the LDMS software on the new Server without moving databases again.  The installer asks for either a new 9 database or to upgrade an old 8.8 database.  How does one tell it to just connect to the existing 9 database?

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          Tom Farrugia SupportEmployee

          If the LANDesk version isn't changing, only the server OS, I would install LANDesk to a blank database and then change to the original database post-install.  You can change the db back by running Configure | Services on the Core Server Console and under Inventory, change the database to your old one.  This will work better if you can keep the same core server name.


          It would also likely work fine if you pointed to the the old database as if it were an 8.8 database. 


          Of course make sure you backup the existing database before trying any ot this.


          Let us know how it goes!