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    Partition errors


      Hello all,


      Quick question about capturing images, I have a machine I dual boot with and keep my fresh installs on to update and then capture. So looking at the diskpart info, I need to capture Disk 0 Partition 3 for my WinXP image.


      No problem I thought, as v9.0 SP3 I know has a spot that lets me choose with partition to grab. So I select 3 and go to grab the image and for some reason OSD is grabbing all three partitions on the drive.


      I see in the Advanced Edit that OSD uses a script for DISKPART called ASSVOL.txt to choose the disk and partition. I even made a new one of those on the Core and hard coded the disk and partition into it, instead of letting LANDesk pass variables. Still no luck.


      I can even let the Image capture start (incorrectly) open a new console, run DISKPART and look at all the info, its all right, Disk 0 Partition 3 is what I should grab, but its not working..


      Any ideas?

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          On your image capture settings are you using imagew v2 for the type of image setting? If so by default the options to capture are set to capture the entire drive. When you are saving the OSD script the is a pop-up window that appears with additional options for the imaging tool. If you look at those options you will see /d:0 as one of the switches. That sets it to capture the entire drive 0, including all partitions. If you change that to /d:[email protected] it will only capture partition 3 on drive 0.

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            What that is saying then, is the code behind the GUI to select which partition to capture is broken?  .. if you have to manually change it later in the GUI popup of the command line.

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              I captured the actual partitions not the whole drive, my partitions are pretty small (40 Gigs) to make sure I don't have any issues pushing it to a machine with a smaller hard drive.


              I actually solved this in a more round abaout way. I had an extra drive here, so I put that in my machine. My images will both have their own drive on the logical active partition and then this shouldn't be a problem.


              Thanks for the info on the /d switch though, thats exactly what I will need now to capture images across different disks.



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                No the gui is not broken. The gui only references which partition is the system partition. It does not indicate which partition to capture.