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    Disable Quick Lookup toolbar




      How disable Quick Lookup toolbar in LANDESK client ?


      Or how change the query in Quick Lookup toolbar to see result.

      I would like that the end user not see the incidents of another client. When enter incident id, I see it even if it is an incident of another client.



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          karenpeacock SupportEmployee



          End users in Service Desk should not be using the console client they should be using Service Portal (version up to 7.4) or Self Service as fits is the nature of their user licence type.  In more recent versions, this has been enforced further so that End Users cannot login to console at all.  This is why the Quick Lookup within console has been designed more with Analysts in mind and so therefore you can restrict what domains Analysts can see by use of their privileges to that particular object.


          You might be able to stop them seeing things that you don't want by using Partitioning.  You can read up more about Partitioning within the Administrator's Guide.


          However my recommendation would be that End Users should be using Service Portal or Self Service and then you can restrict what they can access by using queries.


          Best wishes