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    Permissions on Self Service Service Catalogue

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      I'm using ServiceDesk 7.5 and am setting up our Service Catalogue. I am wondering about permissions on a couple of things. 

      First, if a SelfServiceGuest user logs in and goes to the Service Catalog, when they click on a service that is published for them I expect them to get the Service description screen, but not be able to edit it.  Instead, these users are able to log in and edit the services.  Is there a way to have the whole school greyed out for anyone except Administrators?

      Second, When any user clicks on Request Service (SelfServiceGuest through Administrators), they get the End User Incident window, which I expect since the request is supposed to follow the Incident process, but they are not able to edit the Details.  I'd like the user to be able to put in a description of the Service Request rather than just a generic description that we have in a template.  Is that possible?



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          On the first point copy the existing window and set the protection level of each attribute you want to stop people from editing to be read only.  Make sure this new window set so that it is available in webaccess.Then in the windows manager create a new rule so that (for example) end users are shown this window rather than the default.


          On the second point - pretty much the reverse for that one attribute.  Set it to be readwrite.  The template should then fill in as current, but they wil lthen be able to change it. It might be you have a end user window in the request domain to edit, rather than the incident one, but that sort of depends on where your request process lives.  If the request process is in the incident domain, you'd need to also have a window rule which says pop this other window if someone is using this particular process.  As a final flourish you could have a rule which pops one window when the process is created and another if it is displayed after being created.  That way you can allow people to enter their request, but then not change that text afterwards.

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            That's awesome thanks Dave.  I hadn't realized that each attribute had its own properties.