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    Add an object to the shortcut bar in console


      Within Webdesk there is the ability to "Add Process or Object Shortcut" which allowed me to put a shortcut to add a new config items shortcut onto the portal.  Does anyone know if you can add an object to the shortcut bar within console?


      I have tried most items and nothing jumps to mind.  It seems to allow process i.e. new incident, new request but config management has no process behind it so I presume that on the web it is using the object part of the choice.


      Your help would be appreciated.



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          karenpeacock SupportEmployee

          Hi Haley


          I'm afraid there isn't an equivilent shortcut in console.  However you could have a shortcut to a query of CIs (the Query Results List shortcut) and then you should be able to right-click on the results and select New if you have the correct privileges.  Alternatively, the Configuration Management component is a console only shortcut for creating CIs.


          Best wishes