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    RealVNC Server (winvnc4.exe and vncconfig.exe) are quarantined


      Hi LANDesk People, Hi LANDesk employees,


      please help!!!


      We have in our company about 300 clients, all with LANDesk Agent and AV installed. Alle Clients have WinXP with SP3. The LANDesk Version is 8.8 SP4.


      Since 2 weeks i have a strange issue: at exactly 53 Clients we have the problem, that the RealVNC Server files (winvnc4.exe and vncconfig.exe) are quarantined.

      At the LANDesk AV Client and also at the Mgmt Console, the quarantined files are marked with a virus "badname". See the attachment below.


      With our support partner we have tried the following:

      - updating the virus patterns

      - controlling the security permissions at the quarantine folder

      - our partners has checked the quarantined files (winvnc4.exe and vncconfig.exe), no virus message by them --> so the files are clean

      - installed the LANDesk patch LD-AV47633-884 at the core and at one test client

      - excluded the VNC program folder %PROGRAMFILES%\RealVNC\VNC4\Server\ at one test client


      All these tries/topics doesn`t helped us. Today, all the 53 clients have the same problem either.


      I have noticed some thing: All the 53 clients have the agent version Many other clients with the agent version does not have this problem!



      Any ideas?

      best regards