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    Policy-Based Delivery shortcut in 8.8



      With the agent upgrade to 8.8 I noticed there's no more shortcut to policy-based delivery in the start menu



      I read on the forums that the whole policy thing has been redesigned. Is there still a way to force a policy scan? preferably with progress report.






      Thanks for your answers






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          Fabian Schmidt Expert

          Either you can launch the policy.sync.exe from a command line:


          or just launch the software deployment portal, then the policy sync is also launched.

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            Leon SupportEmployee

            Welcome to raise question. You may take a look at this thread first (Client-side trigger for software policies):


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              That thread is somewhat helpful but does not really answer the question...



              i found some other threads containing some of the possible switchers for policy.sync but nothing that really shows a progress to the user...



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                Fabian Schmidt Expert


                As far as I know, the progess of the policy as it is known from 8.7 isn't shown anymore.



                A progress of the packages can be displayed by checking the corresponding option in the delivery method.



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                  zman Master

                  When you indicate "show progress to the user", can you be more specific?  Are you referring to in 8.7 the system tray icon, etc...? Hopefully by now you all know my opinion on the whole UI changes for the amclient replacement 


                  I also can not find any switches made public (official doc) on sync, invoker, clientdbutil. And don't think about xtracing for troubleshooting, I could be wrong but there is no xtrace capability.




                  I personally think it is time for a very good BKM (not just one with the screenshots that we already know), but a good deep dive one. Some example questions that need to be addressed:




                  • How to delete just one policy from the local db to trigger a reinstall? Policy cache was easy, however, I have not had time to dig into the local db schema.  Yeah you can whack the entire db and recreate but that will apply all required policies - I think.

                  • How to troubleshoot without xtrace? Just use logs?



                  I'm sure more will come out later when we start officially start testing 8.8 this month - e.g., like the new policy sorting since it is usung unicode. Seems trivial, but when your average user has 30-45 policies and they know where they are in amclient...... I guess since the UI is all html based we will never see anything more than flat lists.



                  Also if schmiddi is correct and the systemtray icon is gone (we banged on LANDesk for a while on this) that is bad. What about large packages that take time to cache?

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                    Fabian Schmidt Expert


                    Nono, the system tray icon, that indicates a softwareinstalltion is not gone. I ment the UI for policy based delivery, where all required policys are display and feedback with success and failure is directly shown.



                    The animated liitle CD Symbol for Softwareinstallation is still avalible, but this is initiated through the delivery method and isn't only avalible for policys.




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                      zman Master

                      Cool I thought I still saw it there    New stuff still needs documentation and some work.


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                        I am afraid that the cool little interface that we are all used to seeing for the Policies on the client is gone. I can find no equivelent with the new invoker. There are a couple of logs that might be helpful, the Policy.sync.log and the policy.client.invoker.log. Then there is also the client Policy database C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\Database\LDClientDB.db3 which can be accessed by using the sqllite admin tools.

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                          zman Master

                          So when is the wake? I also don't see why they changed the UI from the one listed at Interchange? I would much rather have had check boxes then the big ugly deploy button. They must understand that these changes will be much more accepted if we know about them. I mean if docs/bkms were available at launch or before launch it would be a easier pill to swallow. Uncertainty and lack of available information makes me itch. Seems like they forgot about us as administrators and the users on this one.

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                            Let me know if that help : http://www.firemelons.com


                            Look for "Policy Client Viewer"