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    Sysprep/Windows 7


      Good afternoon,

      This is more of a general question. I have followed the basic guides in regards to preparing Windows 7 for capture by running sysprep.exe, however at no point does it actually have me create my own "c:\unattend.xml".


      I see under the deployment there is an option to "Use existing SYSPREP file as a template" which I can then in turn point to the sysprep file created by the GUI, located under "\\core\ldmain\landesk\files\deploy.xml". However, this does not appear to work -- ie: does not automatically join the domain. It looks like it's still looking for the c:\unattend.xml.


      Am I missing something? It just seems like there is a disconnect somewhere...

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          Depending on whether you have Sysprep'd Windows properly, follow this guide to make sure: http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-7444, you should be able to just fill out the information under "Sysprep Options" when you create the deploy script. There is no need to select "Use existing Sysprep file as a template" as it will automatically use the file it creates in \\core\ldmain\files\deploy and inject it into Windows for you.


          Hope this helps.

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            Sorry the path it stores the xml file is \\core\ldmain\landesk\files.

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              MrGadget Expert

              You can make your own.

              You have to install and use Windows AIK to make a answer file yourself. Open windows system image manager.

              If you use LD 9 sp2 or prior you need windows aik vista version.

              For LD 9 SP3 use Windows aik windows 7 version.

              You'll also need a vista or windows 7 cd depending on which aik version you use.

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                Gilles Portal Apprentice

                Hi ...
                I use this method and it is working  fine. Personaly, for security issues, I choose to join the domain, not with the sysprep method, but with a provisioning task. The Domain administrator login name and password should not be written any where. I use Landesk environment variables, and it is working fine.


                My OSD method :


                Windows environment :


                - Backup old profiles...


                - Reboot


                WinPe Environnment


                - deploy the Windows 7 OS partition.


                - Copy some needed files.


                Windows Environment


                - Sysprep configuration is run at first boot


                - Install Landesk Agent


                - Join the domain


                - Reboot


                - Install all softwares I need. (The Windows partition is empty of all softwares and is always the same one).


                - Shutdown the computer


                I hopes it could help you.