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    How do i find out how many machines have local .pst files?


      Hi There,


      I am trying to use the Query tool to search for machines which have a local .pst file (Outlook email archive).


      I have used both of these previous posts which unfortunately did not help.






      I have modified the l3appl3.template file as follows:


      ScanExtensions=.exe .pst




      ; All - This mode is a combination of Listed and Unlisted as detailed above.





      The query is


      "Computer"."Software"."Package"."File Name"  Like  ".pst"

      OR "Computer"."Software"."Package"."Original Filename"  Like  ".pst"


      I have re-run Inventory Scans on clients to update information in the LANDesk DB.


      The end result is blank when I run the query. I also looked into SLM to see if it had found anything for me, to no avail.


      Please help.