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    Software distribution... VBScript support in 8.8 ???



      Hi all,



      I'm really surprised to see that the support of the VBscript in LANDesk 8.8 have disappeared? Any reason for that....



      Because is really frustrating I have migrated all batch to vb for 8.7 SP5 and now? I need to recreate batch to deploy vbs...



      I am disappointed of LANDesk, it was never the case before.









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          Fabian Schmidt Expert

          As far as i know the vb Functionality will be back in to 8.8 with Service Pack 1

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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            It hasn't "disappeared". It was never in there.


            The code for software gets "locked" prior to release, so that there's a final state of testing + validation going on. The VB-script feature was added to LDMS at a point in time AFTER 8.8 was already "locked" (so no changes could be made).


            Just unfortunate timing - we can't plan for that, unfortunately :). It wasn't "left out", it was pretty much either "leave it out or delay 8.8 for another 2+ months" (since we'd need to do a full run of testing + validation against any changed versions. Not exactly a small amount of time :).


            It will be added to 8.8, don't worry.


            Paul Hoffmann

            LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.