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    More and more problem with LDMS


      Hi all,


      I use LDMS from 5 years now. I dont know for you but LDMS works bader as bader in time...


      On each version, i have reinstall a new server, no upgrade


      I can't administrate correctly the machines, client as offen break. Already reinstall 10 times.

      Patch Manager doesn't work than it must.

      Software distribution same way. 70% go on success, not more.

      Remote controle doesn't work on all machines.


      I specify that machine are offen reinstall with provisioning (it's only module that works almost on LDMS)


      With price of LDMS, I'm suprised to see all this problems.


      Have you suggestions to make it work ?





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          Hello Cedric,



          It is normally possible to do an in-place upgrade with LANDesk and is not always necessary to re-install from scratch a core server.

          Sometimes, due to OS requirements or if the server was compromised, you need to install another server from scratch.


          My suggestions:


          1. Keep the core server in an Active directory OU where the inheritance is blocked so no GPOs can influence it.
          2. Make frequent backups of the core and of the DB
          3. Avoid to install other software on the core server or modify the IIS configuration! The core server need to do be dedicated.
          4. Read carefully manuals and Best Know Methods methods.
          5. Open support cases through our portal in case of difficulties and before to implement changes on the CORE SERVER.

          Kind regards,